The Free Consultation

Hypnotherapy free consultation

An informal meeting provides an ideal opportunity to discover real understanding, no strings attached; that's a promise!


The free consultation is primarily an introduction to both myself and my hypnotherapy services. In addition to that, there will be a brief discussion of the presenting issue, i.e. why you want therapy! And with your permission, an experiential demonstration of hypnosis; this is an integral, but not compulsory, part of the initial consultation!

With regard to the "presenting issue,” it may be useful to determine what constitutes a problem? In simple terms one could look at it, as an event, feeling or recurring problem that interferes with one’s daily life or life, when faced with a specific set of circumstances! For example, ordinarily you are alright, except when facing booking or going on a flight, you then become overwhelmed with anxiety. Or you fear to go to work, out for lunch, going in an elevator etc. In fact, anything that makes or persuades you to take an alternative or evasive action may be considered a call for help!

During your consultation, I will explain how hypnotherapy works in general but more specifically; I will demonstrate how it works for you. In addition to that, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the ways in which hypnotherapy will specifically help you.

In taking up this offer you will not be under any obligation whatsoever. And it is important to note that while virtually anyone can be hypnotized, not all of us are suited to hypnotherapy. This is when You can decide whether You Will Benefit from the various therapies I offer and what would be the most suitable way forward; for you.

To explain hypnosis more fully. We all go in and out of trance-like states every day of our life and these trance-like states are what we actually call states of hypnosis. The difference, that makes the difference, is that on a daily basis they are experienced naturally and involuntarily. However, in the hypnotist's chair, you voluntarily enter these states and, because you are consciously aware of that, it may feel slightly unnatural. Any preconceptions, scepticism, anxiety or doubt, may merely interfere with your ability to enter this state in a natural way, be it fully or at all. That said, the vast majority of my past clients, have said, that, once they experience hypnosis, they feel more relaxed and better informed as to exactly what hypnosis is; it is natural.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose; except your Problem!

Although many Hypnotherapy Practitioners do offer a free consultation, they are often quite short, e.g. 20 to 30 minutes. However, my consultation is a minimum of 1 hour because I firmly believe in the need to establish a good working relationship before starting therapy of any kind. The choice of therapist is an important one and I want you to be absolutely sure you are making the right choice. There is no hard or soft sell. In fact, if you have any doubt, I would recommend seeking alternative choices. That said, it is sometimes true, that just talking a problem through can help and that, in and of itself, is a good reason to take up my offer!

Beyond the consultation, should you choose to proceed to therapy, your only commitment is to the first session. At the end of that, you can choose to go no further or choose to continue. In the latter case, you can pay on a session by session basis or, if you feel it is right for you, take one of my packages; the Choice is Yours!

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