What to do if you are anxious about therapy

don't do today what you can put off til tomorrow

For anyone who has never experienced any type of therapy, making the appointment and then going, can be a daunting prospect, recognise this. And occasionally a client won't show up for the session. Although there can be many reasons, very often it is because they are experiencing a lot of anxiety. This can happen to anyone, even if the reason for coming to therapy has nothing to do with anxiety.

However, if the reason for therapy in the first place, is to deal with anxiety, then the prevalence of this pre-session anxiety can be very overwhelming and the desire to escape this feeling often takes precedence and leads to cancelling the session.

So, what should you do about it? Well, firstly, just let me know; if you can't come, you can't come! If I can help alleviate the anxiety we can try and see if that helps. If that works, it works, if it doesn't; it doesn't!

If you cannot turn up will I be angry, not at all? I actually enjoy life when I'm busy but equally, I also enjoy it when I'm not. That is not to say that it doesn't matter if you turn up, of course, it does. It matters because if therapy can help you, then obviously you have to be part of the process and the sooner you can start, the sooner you may be well again!

Similarly, if you don't turn up is that a problem, not at all. It may be a little inconvenient but it's definitely not a problem. It is important in life, as well as in therapy, to understand the difference between a problem and in inconvenience. Because al too often we tend to create a problem over something that is really only an inconvenience. And one of the primary aims of therapy is to correct that type of thought and/or behavioural experience! It is also worth saying, that it really doesn't happen that often, so it is both proper and easier to keep things in the proper context, relevant to problems!

The simple truth is people who come to see me are usually experiencing some kind of a challenge in their life and that usually comes with a measure of anxiety. So, in that sense, anxiety is quite usual and it may even be helpful in the hypnotherapy session too! I am very used to working with each client's individual experience of anxiety and since the purpose of therapy is, in one way or another, to help clients deal with everyday life; it's presence can be truly useful!

So, if you have anxiety, please come with it, it may actually help? But if it is so overwhelming then just reschedule the appointment. However, I would suggest we have a chat about it because sometimes history repeats itself!


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