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Most people seek hypnotherapy because something in their life just doesn't feel right. It could be a bad habit, like smoking, grinding teeth (bruxism) or even biting their nails. Others may be experiencing too much anxiety or stress, maybe even some depression? But, whatever the reason, let me assure you, that hypnosis-therapy can very likely help you get back on track towards a normal and happy life! But what causes these difficulties in the first place? For many of us, these life anomalies get started early in life. Often it's not because things went wrong or were bad, although that can happen. Mostly it's just a case of having no experience, that time in life where you experience everything for the first time! And the unique way our brain encodes these experiences eventually leads to the way we think and behave. And while we will have a genetic likeness to that of our family, we are clearly very different from them in many other ways! Obviously, that means that there are more factors that make us who we are than can be accounted for by just genetics alone?

While there are many different therapy treatments available, some work better than others. The biggest drawback to the treatment of certain disorders is time and that can cause a problem all of its own! First, there is the number of sessions, e.g. once a week for a year or more. Just think about how you would schedule that into your already busy calendar? Then there is the cost, easily running into thousands of dollars. And before you even get started, there is the problem of choosing what type of therapy and then finding a therapist! So, isn't it nice to know there is a method that may just do the job, quickly and it's a lot more affordable too?

Welcome hypnotherapy, it's been around for over 200 years and is really getting noticed these days because of its ability to cut to the chase. Essentially we are each a unique experience of genetics, observation, learning and memories. It is because of the way the brain and mind (brain language) work, that makes hypnotherapy the perfect choice. This is because it can help you make use of that uniqueness and it does so by making good use of the natural way that brainwaves occur. Brainwaves occur throughout the day, mostly Beta and some Gamma waves, and some brief moments of Theta and Delta. However, at night another whole world of waves occur, e.g. Alpha, Theta (and some Gamma), Delta and PGO (Ponto Geniculo Occipital) waves. The last three occur during states of sleep, REM, NonREM (phase 1, 2, 3), delta waves are incorporated in NonREM phase 3 (slow-wave sleep). Hypnosis has been shown to work in these ranges. You can read more about this here.

In some sense, the changes in brain chemistry that occur as we sleep, allow or even promote the very thing that makes us human. It is this dynamic that makes us different from any other species on earth. However, this is not always a good thing because what is our strength, can also be our weakness. It is our ability to make and use memories that sets us apart from other species! Used well they can create a phenomenal experience of life. But if we do not use them well, life can very quickly go off the rails! Of course, other animals and insects have memory too but we are unique because of our ability to use language and language. We can play and replay what may happen over and over in our head. It is this process that ultimately leads to either good results or terrible ones. When it comes to terrible outcomes, language always plays a part. Language is intrinsically connected at all levels of our psychology, physiology and it plays out through the memory systems. It is because of this that hypnotherapy is so effective. Hypnotherapy is a language-based therapy and it is delivered to the client while they are in sleep states called trance. In these states, the brain is capable of rewiring itself. In some sense, hypnotherapy is akin to dreaming because, in natural sleep states, this is the when, why and how those memories are created or updated. How memories are created, stored and recalled leads to what is known as engrams or memory traces. A process that facilitates the basis for the way memories and life unfolds. Hypnotherapy efficiently facilitates the way these engrams and traces get utilised. So, in that sense, there is both an art and science behind the way hypnosis changes the way our brain works. You can find out more about this during the Free Consultation (more info here).

So, if you have some issues, rest assured, Hypnotherapy can and very often will help you, not only resolve them but also, to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Below are some of the conditions that I have used hypnotherapy to help my clients make a profound difference in the way they live their lives! However, there are a lot more conditions, so if you have something not on the list, please give me a call.

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