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Below is a list of some conditions that can be treated with hypnotherapy, although there are many more. In fact, there are very few conditions that it can't help, in some way or other, if only to lessen any worry, anxiety or other malaise that accompanies them. If you cannot see a condition that aptly describes what you are concerned with, please get in touch and I will do all I can to address your concerns. Contact details are at the bottom of the last page and you can book an appointment to schedule a Free Consultation, right here!

Alcohol & Drugs 


Confidence Building

Anger Management



Anxiety Management


Eating Disorders

Emotional Issues



Emotional Wellbeing



Fear of Flying


IBS & Colitis



Past Life Regression



Phobias & Fears

Pain Management


Public Speaking

Relationship Issues


Stress Management

Relaxation Techniques


Weight Management

 Stop Smoking


Children's Issues



Alcohol & Drugs 

If you are having concerns about alcohol or drug dependence or addiction; it may help to discuss the matter in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. I assist by offering therapy that can complement other supportive treatment programmes, e.g. AA or NA!

While the support and treatment received in organizations like AA or NA are usually very effective, the facts are, sometimes it works and others it doesn't. There may be underlying emotional and mental issues getting in the way, So, very often a dual approach can be of considerable advantage in the treatment of addictive substances etc. because it has the advantage of dealing with the emotional/mental aspects, as well as lowering stress and anxiety. Also, some people find a group environment can be rather intimidating! In such cases, individual therapy can be extremely effective. Often, it is finding the approach which suits your own needs that is the most helpful.

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Anger Management

Anger is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of our emotions. Maybe because anger may not be the underlying problem; merely the observable behaviour! It is easy for others to see an angry outburst and conclude that the person has anger issues. However, anger, as an emotion, is often seen in people who are under a lot of stress, in an abusive or unsatisfactory relationship, poor family situation, an unfulfilling job or experiencing financial difficulties etc. With hypnotherapy, it is very common for a person to resolve these underlying problems, as well as learning some alternative life management skills and see an improvement quickly and eventually putting an end to inappropriate and unwanted anger!

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Anxiety Management

Anxiety is a word that has no specific meaning until it has an appropriate context. In and of itself, it is a natural phenomenon and perfectly acceptable in the right circumstances. However, it becomes a problem when it occurs out of context. A panic attack, for example, is an extraordinary response to ordinary experience, maybe even no apparent experience; e.g. getting in a lift or being in a confined space for a short period of time. Experiencing nerves before an exam or interview, speaking in public etc. is not unusual, but it should not become the main focus of your attention to the point of debilitating you in your daily life!

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When thinking of confidence, I think we sometimes get confused between real (global) confidence and situational confidence. Situational confidence is being confident at work or your hobby maybe even with people you know etc. Global confidence is being confident, period. That means being confident about what you can do and also what you can't. For example, you may not like speaking in public at short notice but will happily do it and if you make a hash of it, you can laugh it off, it's no big deal. Confidence is the most basic right of every human being, believe me, I've been there. I've not had confidence and I now do and it's definitely better to have it! However, nowadays, when I think of confidence, I think of it in terms of being confident in the process of living, confidence in me, who I am; Period!

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Depression is a very debilitating condition that still confounds those who have it and those who treat it because its cause is so varied and unpredictable. The good news though, is that depression responds well to cognitive therapies like hypnotherapy and EFT. Often the underlying cause of depression has its roots in a person's early and formative years. Although, it may not actually surface for many years or suddenly show up following a sudden traumatic experience. It could even be a result of cumulative trauma, small, seemingly, insignificant traumas, e.g. being rebuked or punished, criticized or humiliated over and over. Other things that can cause depression are the loss of a loved one, being retrenched, divorced, isolated or any other type of difficult life-changing experience. Some people are genetically predisposed to depression through parents who suffer from it etc.

One of the most common treatments for depression is medication and many provide excellent help for sufferers of depression but mostly just treat the symptoms; not the cause! However, many studies show that a combined approach of medication and therapy can be the most effective in most cases. Read more - That's mostly because the medication stabilizes the patient's symptoms, giving the therapy a head start. That said, many people do not want to take medication and prefer a more holistic approach. In my opinion, nothing can beat hypnotherapy because it gets to the root of the problem and once you deal with the roots you can't plant any more destructive thoughts!

Don't let this life-limiting condition dictate your future. Why not call and discuss your options or if you are concerned for a friend, colleague or loved one, please call for an informal chat; for FREE. This can be useful because often the depression itself prevents the sufferer from seeking help, but help is at hand.

Eating Disorders

We live in a day and age where there has never been more information available on the causes of or reason for eating disorders. Despite that, the problem is more prevalent today than ever. One definition of an eating disorder can be, a condition that brings about an unhealthy body style, caused by the unknown emotional and mental conflict. For the most part, the condition of being either significantly above or below the norm has nothing to do with food per se. But more often is consequential of difficult life circumstances creating an emotional imbalance that predisposes a person to a particular style of eating habit, parental (over)control can often be a factor too. It is very important to treat these conditions, the sooner the better, because they can be, and often are, life-threatening; act now! 

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Fear of Flying

Like all fears & phobias, the fear of flying is a learned condition! And sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with flying itself. Flying, or the thought of it, is very often just the trigger that releases the fear!

The good news is that that this fear or phobia can be unlearned and Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective way of achieving that!

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Insomnia can be a problem or the symptom of one!

Very often it is a result of what is going on in our lives. This may be a gradual and unnoticed change in behaviour or lifestyle. Or the result of a challenging or traumatic event.

Some of the things that can affect our sleep (which may or appear to be Insomnia) are:

  • Non - 24 hours sleep-wake Syndrome
  • Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
  • Change in lifestyle (new job, recent events, relationship or family problems etc.)
  • Exposure to a traumatic event or cumulative trauma (series of small negative events)
  • Stress, Anxiety or Depression (it is possible to have all three at once)
  • Conscious or subconscious concerns about our-self or our loved ones
  • Concerns as a result of the daily barrage of negative news at the hands of the world's media!

Whatever the cause, Insomnia is very often highly susceptible to a therapeutic treatment.

However, as a precaution, always consult your GP in the first instance! This is to rule out any underlying physical cause.

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ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)  or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Are apparently one in the same condition and are often referred to as ME/CFS. However, some say they are not the same condition because there is a subtle difference? However, what all seem to agree on, is that the cause is unknown, there is no apparent, medical, cure and they both have a disastrous effect on the life of the sufferer. Very often no organic condition can be detected and effectively you are told that there is nothing wrong with you, but you know different! However, we are acutely aware if something is wrong with the way we feel, if only because we have a good knowledge and experience of our own wellness? Having a learned professional telling us there is nothing wrong, can cause many unwarranted concerns for the affected person. I believe that our body talks to us, and we should be concerned enough to seek out advice when we don't like what we hear!

While conditions such as myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) often confound the medical community, they often respond positively to hypnotherapy and cognitive therapies. To discuss your concerns why not call today for a free consultation?

Pain Management

Pain is a valuable and necessary function of life but not necessarily a welcome one?

All pain comes from signals running to & from the Brain to the affected area and this communication can be interrupted or halted unconsciously, e.g. as a result of shock, battlefield or any serious wound etc. It can also be consciously interrupted by invoking our subconscious processing, (hypnosis)!

Hypnosis has been widely and regularly used to manage pain with great effect, providing, of course, that the pain has no pathological function or that the pain has been diagnosed by a Dr. and is not necessary as part of any circumstance or current condition. Some pains that fall into the category of treatable with hypnosis, are phantom limb pain or pain associated with burn victims, tension headaches and migraines or even pain associated with damaged nerves etc. The brain can actually hold the memory of pain without the initial condition that caused it is present (phantom). Hypnosis can address those memories!

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Past Life Regression

I guess at some time or other we've all had feelings of De Ja Vue? When thinking about the unknown cause of any, mysterious, condition, it can be useful to know that It is not actually necessary to believe in past lives for past life therapy to be effective (although it does help). What is, or will be, necessary, however, is the ability or willingness to suspend judgment.

It is highly possible for the mind to believe that a condition or problem you have is from a previous life; irrespective of any conscious belief on the matter. In that context, hypnosis allows us to work with the subconscious perception of the problem and find a solution. And even though you considered the issue to be, possibly, related to a past life, sometimes it is in the 'past' of the current life; everything is possible?

As children, we are often exposed to stories of supernatural activities, ghosts etc. Perhaps, it is often here that we develop some beliefs in lives before and after death. As adults, we may have long forgotten this, but the subconscious can hold onto childhood beliefs that no amount of intellectual arguing or common sense can dislodge. It is in this context that any rational or logical thinking, on the matter, may have no influence on the outcome of this type of therapy! For example, if you did not believe in ghosts, this would not necessarily prevent a fearful reaction if you actually saw one! Sometimes fear makes us not believe in certain things but reality does not rely on belief to exist?

Of course, it is very possible that the previous life experience was a true one and there is a lot of research that suggests this as a probability! Not everything you believe is true and not everything you don't believe; isn't. But what is true, to your brain; is what you believe!

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Phobias & Fears

A Phobia can be considered an extreme, perhaps terrifying form of fear. Its symptoms can result from merely a thought about the phobic object, e.g. spiders. The sight of a spiders web or even someone mentioning a spider can invoke the most intense emotional response; leaving its victim almost paralysed (freezing is actually a part of the fear response).

  A fear, on the other hand, can be likened to a dislike of something, albeit to varying degrees. Of course, fear can also involve strong emotions but nowhere near those of a phobia. Phobias, like fears, are learned strategies; we are not born with them. This is really fantastic news because if they can be learned; they can be unlearned. Hypnosis is very powerful in aiding this unlearning process! In a sense reverse hypnosis allowed us to learn it in the first instance, so naturally, hypnosis is the best tool to rid ourselves of this life-limiting problem!


They come in many sizes shapes and varieties these days yet, despite that the problems that can occur within them seem to be getting bigger and bigger; just look at divorce rates and they don't even take into account non-marital/registered marriages. Then there are parental, sibling, family relationships, not much change there either! When it gets to work or social relationships they are no less challenging either, we just don't seem to have the time to invest in building solid relationships. 

In truth one, a really good friend is worth 1000's of FB ones. But without a doubt, the relationships that will really turn your life around the most, and often the quickest, is the one with yourself, get that right and all the others seem to happen so much more easily and have a greater sense of affection! However, there are so many factors involved in making, building and keeping good relationships and none more important than the state of our own mental health. 

That is where hypnotherapy can help because it helps you to define your life, its priorities and keeps your mind focused on what you want from your life. So, if those you love, socialise or work with or for are important, hypnotherapy will get you on track to a happy and successful life!

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the most prevalent forms of self-harm. People who smoke often say it helps them to relax; yet scientific evidence proves this is impossible! Despite that, people do feel relaxed after smoking, psychologically relaxed I guess?

People say that it is difficult to stop; yet thousands, if not millions, of people, stop every day! The reality, however, is that the level of difficulty in stopping smoking resides within your own subconscious beliefs on the matter. Although you may never be consciously aware of this fact. In essence, the only thing you'll ever need to stop smoking is a good enough reason. People who come for therapy to stop smoking for someone else, wife, boyfriend, children etc. are rarely successful Yet the guy who has a heart attack, doesn't even need to come for therapy; a heart attack is a really good reason to stop!

We smoke for very selfish reasons, psychologically akin to a survival issue, and that is why stopping for the benefit of someone else is so often unsuccessful. Hypnosis allows us to address this conscious/subconscious dichotomy and stop smoking easily and permanently.

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Stress Management

Stress is both essential and necessary for good effective living. Chronic stress, however, is not.

Stress plays an important role in marshalling our body's defences. It makes us sharper, quicker, stronger, more resilient and durable; in essence, it helps us survive. Chronic, or excessive, stress, however, has the opposite effect. Chronic stress could be likened to the first gear of a motor car; it's like driving at high speed in first gear! You may get there but you'll do damage to the engine, tyres, frame etc, you'll use more fuel and the engine won't make efficient use of the fuel! Hey, but you already know that that's why you use all the gears! So, if it's so obvious that first gear is bad for your car; why isn't is obvious that chronic stress is bad for your life?

For a better understanding of the effects of stress, why not call for a chat, or maybe come in for a free consultation (see below) - or click here: Stress The Full Story

Weight Management

Ironically, being over or underweight may not necessarily have anything to with food! That is to say that it is not related to feelings of physical hunger (hunger pangs). Very often it is more to do with emotional hunger; or unmet emotional needs. The result of an unfulfilling life or, in some case, a defence mechanism that keeps you safe?

Hypnosis & EFT are particularly effective with weight issues and once we can address the psychological/emotional aspects of the problem; a solution is highly possible.

Most people seek hypnotherapy because something in their life just doesn't feel right. It could be a bad habit, like smoking, grinding teeth (bruxism) or even biting their nails. Others may be experiencing too much anxiety or stress, maybe even some depression? But, whatever the reason, let me assure you, that hypnosis-therapy can very likely help you get back on track towards a normal and happy life! But what causes these difficulties in the first place? For many of us, these life anomalies get started early in life. Often it's not because things went wrong or were bad, although that can happen. Mostly it's just a case of having no experience, that time in life where you experience everything for the first time! And the unique way our brain encodes these experiences eventually leads to the way we think and behave. And while we will have a genetic likeness to that of our family, we are clearly very different from them in many other ways! Obviously, that means that there are more factors that make us who we are than can be accounted for by just genetics alone?

While there are many different therapy treatments available, some work better than others. The biggest drawback to the treatment of certain disorders is time and that can cause a problem all of its own! First, there is the number of sessions, e.g. once a week for a year or more. Just think about how you would schedule that into your already busy calendar? Then there is the cost, easily running into thousands of dollars. And before you even get started, there is the problem of choosing what type of therapy and then finding a therapist! So, isn't it nice to know there is a method that may just do the job, quickly and it's a lot more affordable too?

Welcome hypnotherapy, it's been around for over 200 years and is really getting noticed these days because of its ability to cut to the chase. Essentially we are each a unique experience of genetics, observation, learning and memories. It is because of the way the brain and mind (brain language) work, that makes hypnotherapy the perfect choice. This is because it can help you make use of that uniqueness and it does so by making good use of the natural way that brainwaves occur. Brainwaves occur throughout the day, mostly Beta and some Gamma waves, and some brief moments of Theta and Delta. However, at night another whole world of waves occur, e.g. Alpha, Theta (and some Gamma), Delta and PGO (Ponto Geniculo Occipital) waves. The last three occur during states of sleep, REM, NonREM (phase 1, 2, 3), delta waves are incorporated in NonREM phase 3 (slow-wave sleep). Hypnosis has been shown to work in these ranges. You can read more about this here.

In some sense, the changes in brain chemistry that occur as we sleep, allow or even promote the very thing that makes us human. It is this dynamic that makes us different from any other species on earth. However, this is not always a good thing because what is our strength, can also be our weakness. It is our ability to make and use memories that sets us apart from other species! Used well they can create a phenomenal experience of life. But if we do not use them well, life can very quickly go off the rails! Of course, other animals and insects have memory too but we are unique because of our ability to use language and language. We can play and replay what may happen over and over in our head. It is this process that ultimately leads to either good results or terrible ones. When it comes to terrible outcomes, language always plays a part. Language is intrinsically connected at all levels of our psychology, physiology and it plays out through the memory systems. It is because of this that hypnotherapy is so effective. Hypnotherapy is a language-based therapy and it is delivered to the client while they are in sleep states called trance. In these states, the brain is capable of rewiring itself. In some sense, hypnotherapy is akin to dreaming because, in natural sleep states, this is the when, why and how those memories are created or updated. How memories are created, stored and recalled leads to what is known as engrams or memory traces. A process that facilitates the basis for the way memories and life unfolds. Hypnotherapy efficiently facilitates the way these engrams and traces get utilised. So, in that sense, there is both an art and science behind the way hypnosis changes the way our brain works. You can find out more about this during the Free Consultation (more info here).

So, if you have some issues, rest assured, Hypnotherapy can and very often will help you, not only resolve them but also, to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Below are some of the conditions that I have used hypnotherapy to help my clients make a profound difference in the way they live their lives! However, there are a lot more conditions, so if you have something not on the list, please give me a call.

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