Hypnotherapy, for treating anxiety disorders and managing life - Causes of anxiety in Singapore

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Many reasons are behind the development of anxiety but   .  .  .

Employment matters are a significant factor in a lot of the anxiety disorders that I treat here in Singapore. But because of the pandemic, that will likely change going forward! The most usual issues are workplace bullying, unfair dismissal a general lack of employee protections, as well as abuse of powers. However, there will likely now be a greater level of uncertainty in the workforce market, undoubtedly with the pandemic being either the cause or the excuse! And as if that's not enough, there's now a focus on increased productivity being sought, essentially increasing the output for each worker. For companies with an unending demand for their products, this could increase employment opportunities. However, for those with a limited or shrinking market, it could mean fewer people doing more work! This could lead to retrenchment and this is one aspect of increased productivity that could be taken advantage of by employers! Potentially; it's either a quid pro quo, higher productivity means higher pay or a zero-sum game, heads I win; tails you lose! All of these things can, and often do, add significant stress and the uncertainty of it all can develop into an anxiety disorder. Hypnotherapy can help you normalise even the most challenging life. This is important because anxiety and stress rob you of vital brain resources you need, to cope effectively under duress. Especially if this involves a change in direction or the acquisition of new skills!

Then there is relationship anxiety, many people are in dysfunctional or toxic relationships, be they familial, social or career-based. While ending any relationship is an option, it is not always as easy as that, it's not always a workable or practical solution either. Some relationships are neither possible nor practical to end, e.g. how do you end a parental relationship or one with your children? While it is practically possible, in that you can stop talking to or seeing someone, it rarely comes without consequences and mostly emotional ones. Severing ties with siblings seems the most common form of a breakup but even that can have some dire consequences. Or, you may have a great friend, someone you've known your whole life, you're inseparable. Then one day someone enters their life and it's downhill from there, you just don't gel with the new person in their life. And, generally speaking, it doesn't matter how much you love your friend, you just don't gel with their partner. And given the choice of you or the love of their life; guess what your position will be? That can make it tough emotionally and it can also leave emotional scars! In some sense, every aspect of our life involves relationships and the quality, or lack, of quality in those relationships invariably feeds into the apparent quality of our life! The relationship I focus on the most is the one with yourself, get that one right and all of the others are instantly better!

On top of the condition, we call anxiety (stress in another form), there are other forms of stress that play an almost invisible role. There are oxidative stressors, osmotic stressors and heat-shock and stress factors consequential to allostatic load (AL) and allostatic overload (ALO). While many of these (except AL/ALO) that are natural and normal, at least when life is that way too, they are anything but normal in anxiety/stress disorders! In extreme situations, these stresses can contribute towards psychosomatic as well as organic disorders. In that context, resolving the perceptual problem, say a toxic relationship or job situation, may not bring about a quick response. Although it may! That can lead to the illusion that the therapy didn't work. This is the major reason why I studied the brain so extensively, and, how it's implicated in the development of anxiety, stress and depression. If through regression therapy, you discover an incident, when you were 7, was the cause of your issue, then hypnotherapeutic logic dictates that's what you work on! However, experience has taught me to be cautious! This is because there can and often is, much more to it than that and if you don't know your subject; well . . . what can I say?

Then there are genetic and epigenetic factors to consider